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Look no further for the answers to your burning questions about editing in nice, bite-sized answers.

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Qualifications: Services
Why do I need an editor? Can't I just use a grammar/spell checker?

How long does an edit take?
Do I need a big-picture edit (manuscript evaluation/Structural Edit) before a copy edit?
What's the difference between a manuscript evaluation and a structural edit? Which one should I choose?
What is the difference between a copy edit and a proofread?
What does an edit cost?

The cost of an edit depends on several factors and is unique to each project. Word count, the type of edit and how much work a manuscript needs are all factors in the cost as is the timeline for the edit. The longer the manuscript and the more work it needs, the more expensive it is. Structural edits usually cost more than copy edits because they include multiple passes. Manuscript evaluations and proofreads are cheaper because they are review passes, not in-depth edits.

As a very general ballpark, expect that an edit of any kind for a full-length novel (80,000 - 100,000 words) will cost somewhere in the low 1000s for a single editing service. For those authors who live in Canada, GST/HST will be added to the final cost and is not included in the estimate.

How does payment work?

For all edits, I require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the estimate (the top end if a range is given). The remaining amount will be invoiced once the edit is complete and sent with the final edit.

I am happy to offer payment plans to make the cost of editing easier to manage. The terms of this plan must be agreed upon before the edit starts.

Payment by etransfer is preferred, but can also be made by PayPal or cheque.

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