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Manuscript Evaluations

A manuscript evaluation is exactly that: an evaluation. You will receive a detailed written report between 15 and 30 pages complete with examples, ideas and next steps to capitalize on the manuscript's strengths and improve on its weaknesses.

An evaluation will assess the following

  • Plot and structure

  • Characterization and character development

  • Dialogue and its relation to characterization and plot development

  • Setting/worldbuilding

  • Believability of the narrative, characters and world

  • Authorial voice and effectiveness of the voice and style for the narrative

  • General observations on the strength of the writing

  • Effectiveness of the style and voice used


In addition to a written report, authors are welcome to ask questions about the feedback given and to bounce ideas off of via email. Conversations over Zoom or phone can be added at an additional cost.


*A manuscript evaluation does not include any editing or work directly on the manuscript.

Manuscript Evaluations: Services

One of the best decisions I've made as a writer so far is hiring Amanda to edit my novel.  Amanda is an amazing editor who really knows how to make your story stand out in the competitive writing industry. Her editing really made my novel more professional. She does a great job of showing your strengths and where you need improvement, as well as giving advice as to what would be a better direction to go when it comes to the story process. Even after the edit I was still able to email her with any questions, advice or feedback I had. I look forward to working with her again as I move forward in my writing career.

M.K. Young, Daughter of the Universe Series

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