Manuscript Evaluations

A manuscript evaluation is exactly that: an evaluation. Your manuscript will be assessed for its strengths and weakness. The assessment includes a detailed written report of between 10 and 20 pages complete with examples, ideas and next steps to capitalize on the manuscript's strengths and to improve on its weaknesses.

This includes analyzing the following:

  • Strength of the plot and story line

  • Strength of the character development

  • Flow of dialogue and its relationship to characterization

  • Strength of world building

  • Believability of the overall story, characters and world

  • Strength of the writing

  • Style and voice of the writing in relation to the story

  • Marketability of the manuscript

In addition to the written report, assessments can also be set up via phone or Skype.


Amanda provided me with a quick turnaround and very thorough manuscript evaluation,

which covered everything from technical aspects to individual characters for my book Melhara. Her feedback included notes about where and why a reader could get lost in the plot and ideas for changes on the things that needed work. She also commented on the things that worked well in the story and my writing style. I Highly recommend using Amanda’s editorial skills.

Jocelyn Tollefson, The Melhara Series