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Qualifications: Services
Editing Certificate - George Brown College

Grammar for Editors and Writers (Fred Betterman)

Structural and Stylistic Editing (Berna Ozunal)

Copy Editing (Fred Betterman)
Production Editing (Meghan Behse)

Proofreading (Kristine Thornley)

Editing Today: Beyond Traditional Publishing (Greg Ioannou)

Editorial Placement (Faze Magazine)


Publishing Certificate - Toronto Metropolitan University (in progress)

Trade Publishing Overview

Educational Publishing Overview

Introduction to Book Design (Ingrid Paulson)

Trade Books: Fiction (Gillian Rodgerson)

Digital Publishing and Production (Laura Ann Brady)

Indexing for Books, Journals and Reports (Alexandra Peace)

Bachelor of Science Honours - University of Toronto
Master of Arts - York University

Cinema and Media Studies with a focus on French popular cinema of the 1980s and 90s

Double major in Human Biology and Cinema Studies

Editors Canada

Treasurer for Editors Toronto 2021 - 2023

Volunteer Copy Editor for BoldFace 

Certification Marking Volunteer

Conference Volunteer 2021, 2023 - 2024


Seminars taken with Editors Canada include:

Manuscript Evaluation (Greg Ioannou)

Developmental Editing (Allison K Williams)

Copy Editing Essentials & Lessons (Moira White)

Copy Editing for Sci-Fi/Fantasy (Kristy Gilbert)

Copy Editing Dialogue in Fiction (Amy J. Schneider)

Grammar: It's More Than Just a Gut Feel (Margaret Chandler)

Punctuation, Period! (Frances Peck)

Practical EBook Production (Meghan Behse)

Academic Editing Beyond Basics (Mary Rykov)

Working with Self-Published Authors (Dick Margulis)

Editing Children's Books (Heidi Fiedler (through EfA))

Mastering Editorial Style Sheets (Amy J. Schneider)

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