Above the Clouds

About Me

My editing experience began when working as a tutor for my next door neighbours. Guiding them through their many English essays taught me how to help writers shape their ideas into the best possible final product.

Since then, I have continued to work with writers to help express their

ideas in the best possible way, branching out from papers and essays to

full length fiction manuscripts.

I am a member of Editors Canada and hold an Editing Certificate from George Brown College. I also hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto and a Master of Arts from York University. Professionally, I have an eclectic background ranging from festival volunteer manager to front of house supervisor, skating coach to film critic. As an editor, I have worked with many first time, independent and self-published fiction writers, primarily in fantasy, science fiction and YA. Currently, I am an editing manager at Dreaming Big Publications and the treasurer of Editors Toronto. I completed an editorial internship at Faze.ca and for three years I was an associate editor with Cinefilles.ca, a film blog, and an editorial contributor to Toronto Film Scene.


I enjoy working with writers who are passionate about their writing, regardless of what they write. No matter what the genre or media, I work closely with authors to support their vision and maintain their voice, while polishing and refining the words to create the best possible final version.

Being a professional editor allows me to be constantly exploring new ideas and voices. While I love my fantasy and humanities niches, I also love branching out into new genres and bringing my experience to them while gaining new insight into the craft of writing and storytelling.