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A structural edit looks at the big picture, helping to shape the text by making edits to the manuscript and a editorial letter of 5  to 10 pages.

A structural edit addresses the following

  • Plot and structure

  • Characterization and character development

  • Dialogue and its relation to characterization and plot development

  • Setting/worldbuilding

  • Believability of the narrative, characters and world

  • Authorial voice and effectiveness of the voice and style for the narrative

  • General observations on the strength of the writing

  • Effectiveness of the style and voice used

A structural edit will also

  • Organize the material to create coherent structure and flow

  • Edit chapters, headings and sections

  • Expand or reduce the material

  • Identify missing or repetitive information

  • Flag consistent grammatical or stylistic concerns
The foundation for a structural edit
Structural Editing: Service
Structural Editing: Testimonials

Recommending Amanda as an editor is easy. Her thoughtful structural and story development edits, along with nuanced character suggestions, were not only incredibly helpful but in hindsight, critical to improving the work. Additionally, she was approachable and encouraged my many questions. The whole process has been amazing and straight-up the best decision I've made as an author.

Gerry Higgins, Lapis Concordia and Twist in Time

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